Turn on Utility Savings & Energize Your Bottom Line

At AppSmart Energy, our suite of energy offerings provides you with a holistic solution to managing your energy spend. We offer end-to-end energy services and support to companies of all sizes. From cloud-based building controls to energy procurement contracts tailored to your unique demands, we have the tools to help drive down energy costs.


Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement

Did you know you have a choice who you get your power and gas from? Buy energy smarter, find long-term budget certainty and take advantage of the competitive supply landscape.

Energy Efficiency

Update existing building infrastructure like lighting and HVAC system to reduce energy consumption and improve building comfort level and satisfaction.

Building Management
(Sensors & IoT)

Securely access and monitor critical building health information to control and proactively address areas of concern from virtually anywhere via cloud based software solutions.

Water Management

Optimize the water flow to save money at the meter and utilize smart metering to stop leaks in real time and safeguard against facility damage.

Waste Management

Find the most effective waste and recycling solution using a transparent data |driven process.

Electric Vehicle Solutions

Leading turnkey certified charging stations, and flexible, open, and cloud-based software platform for managing the EV Charging ecosystem.

Energy Expense Management

Integrate your bills in one platform. Shared savings bill audits ensure invoice accuracy and error resolution without any upfront costs.

Distributed Generation

Deploy on-site generation such as solar to save on energy rates and take advantage of tax incentives and rebates. Install on-site fuel cells and battery storage to gain resilience against grid interruptions while offsetting your demand from the utility.

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